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@ EV Expo 2024

  • Opportunity to meet Quality Indian Auto Component Manufacturer physically
  • We will be partially hosting the travel and/or stay for potential buyers
  • Pre-fixed B2B Meeting through software as per your interest

26th - 27th February, 2024 | Manekshaw Center, Delhi India The Global Manufacturing Hub For EV & EV Components

India The Global Manufacturing Hub for EV Components

The EV market in India is witnessing steady growth for the last two year. In FY 22-23, 1.15 million EVs were sold registering over 100% growth. As the EV market attains critical scale, the opportunity for components manufacturers to supply to EV and Charging Infrastructure industry is also gaining ground. That apart, there is a significant opportunity for Indian components manufacturers for export in this segment as well.

It is in this context that ACMA is organizing the 4th edition of its Global Summit & Exhibition on EVs - Transforming Mobility on 26th to 27th February 2024, at the Manekshaw Center, New Delhi.

Global players in the e-mobility segment from Germany, Korea, Taiwan, UK among others have also been invited to be a part of this event.

The event will also witness eminent leaders from the industry discuss the roadmap and landscape of electric mobility in India.


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  • 9 Sq Mt Octonorm Structure.
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About ACMA

The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) is a apex body representing India's Component Industry. It boasts a membership exceeding 850 manufacturers, contributing to more than 85% of the auto component industry's total turnover. ACMA proudly holds ISO 9001:2015 certification.

ACMA's primary mission revolves around stimulating growth, job creation, and economic prosperity. Through its relentless dedication to research & development initiatives, ACMA ensures that India maintains a leading position in global automotive component manufacturing.

With its continually expanding network, ACMA empowers businesses by providing invaluable resources, industry insights, and opportunities for collaborative endeavours. The organization plays an indispensable role in shaping policies and regulations that nurture an environment conducive to sustainable growth.

India's automotive industry is a vital sector, contributing 49% to the country's manufacturing GDP, 7.5% to the overall GDP, and supporting approximately 38 million jobs. Despite challenges like chip shortages, overbooking, fuel price-induced inflation, and rising commodity prices, the overall industry is valued at $150 billion.

In the fiscal year 2022-23, on the back of strong vehicle sales, a robust aftermarket, and growing exports, the auto component industry achieved unprecedented success. It reached a size of Rs. 5.60 lakh crore (USD 69.7 billion), recording a remarkable growth of 32.8%, surpassing the previous high turnover of Rs. 4.20 lakh crore in FY21-22. Exports increased by 5.2% to Rs. 1.61 lakh crore (USD 20.1 billion), while imports grew by 10.9% to Rs. 1.63 lakh crore (USD 20.3 billion). The Aftermarket, estimated at Rs. 85,333 crores, also saw steady growth, registering a 15% increase. Auto component sales to OEMs in the domestic market surged by 39.5% to Rs. 4.76 lakh crore.

This growth in domestic auto component sales to OEMs, reaching Rs. 4.76 lakh crores (USD 59.3 billion), reflects a 39.5% increase compared to the previous year. The demand for higher-value components and a shift towards larger, more powerful vehicles contributed to this growth.

In 2022-23, exports of auto components grew by 5.2% to Rs. 1.61 lakh crore (USD 20.1 billion) compared to Rs. 1.41 lakh crore (USD 19.0 billion) in 2021-22. North America accounted for 32% of exports, with an 8% growth, while Europe (31%) and Asia (26%) saw 3% and 4% growth, respectively. Key export items included drive transmission and steering, engine components, body/chassis, suspension, and braking systems.

Domestic market traction also led to an increase in component imports into India, growing by 10.9% in 2022-23 to Rs. 1.63 lakh crore (USD 20.3 billion) from Rs. 1.36 lakh crore (USD 18.3 billion) in 2021-22. Asia represented 66% of imports, followed by Europe (26%) and North America (6%), with growth rates of 12%, 6%, and 23%, respectively.

Post-pandemic, increased vehicle movement and demand for used vehicles boosted the aftermarket across all segments. The aftermarket turnover in FY 2022-23 reached Rs. 85,333 crore (USD 10.6 billion), compared to Rs. 74,203 crore (USD 10.0 billion) in the previous year.

ACMA plays a crucial role in the industry's development in India, actively engaging in trade promotion, technology enhancement, quality improvement, and information dissemination. It participates in international trade fairs, sends trade delegations overseas, and publishes materials on various automotive industry-related subjects.

ACMA also contributes to manufacturing advancements by offering skills training and mentoring through cluster programs and special projects such as 'Asset Turnover Improvement,' 'Uptime Improvement,' 'Zero Defect Quality,' and 'Sustainable Manufacturing,' among others. Additionally, ACMA is well-represented on various government panels, committees, and councils, helping shape policies and regulations for the Indian automotive industry.

For information exchange and cooperation in trade matters, ACMA has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with counterparts in multiple countries, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, the UK, Italy, the USA, and Uzbekistan.

You can find more information and data about the Indian automotive industry on the ACMA


Exhibitors in earlier editions of EV Expo

Advik Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd. A D Precision Forgings Pvt. Ltd. A Raymond Fasteners India Private Limited Advance Cable Technologies (P) Ltd Advik Hi-tech Pvt.Ltd Alicon Castalloy Ltd. Ampere Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. ANAND AUTOMOTIVE ANSYS Software Pvt. Ltd. Aptiv Components India Pvt.Ltd. Asahi India Glass Ltd. Automotive Electronics Power Pvt. Ltd. (AEPPL) Automotive Research & Testing Center Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Bohra Rubber Pvt. Ltd. Brakes India Private Limited CG Global CRP (India) Pvt. Ltd. Dana TM4 India Pvt Ltd Denso (Sponsor Only) EMF Innovations Pvt Ltd Energy Saving India Exicom Power Solutions Exide Leclanché Energy Pvt Ltd. Flash Electronics (I) Pvt. Ltd. G K Winding Wires LImited Ghaziabad Precision Products Pvt Ltd Greenfuel Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd Gremot Mobility Pvt ltd GULF OIL LUBRICANTS INDIA LTD India Nippon Jay Switches India Pvt. Ltd. JBM Auto Jitendra New EV Tech Pvt. Ltd. JK Fenner India Limited JSG Innotech Pvt. Ltd. Kalptaru Auto Parts L G Balakrishnan and Bros Ltd LKAUTOMOTIVE PVT LTD Lucas TVS Limited Madras Engineering Industries Mahavir Die Casters Pvt. Limited Maini Precision Products Ltd. Master Transportation Bus Manufacturing Ltd MEENAKSHI MOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITED Minda Corporation Limited National Engineering Ind. Ltd. Nemak Aluminium Castings India Pvt Limited Nifco India Pvt. Ltd. NRB Bearings Limited NTF INDIA PVT LTD Okaya Power Pvt. Ltd. Padmini VNA Mechatronics Pvt Ltd Paracoat Products Limited Pinnacle Industries Limited Pioneer Digital Industry Pvt Ltd Pranav Vikas India Pvt Ltd Radiant Polymers Private Limited Rockman Industries Ltd. Sankar Advanced Mobility Solutions Private Limited SANSERA ENGINEERING LIMITED Schaeffler India Ltd. SEG Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. SEI Trading India Pvt. Ltd. Sellowrap Industries Pvt Ltd SENTEC E&E CO., LTD. Shivam Autotech Ltd Siemens Ltd. SJS ENTERPRISES LIMITED Sona Comstar Steelbird International Stump, Schuele & Somappa Pvt Ltd Subros Synthesis Winding Technologies Pvt Ltd Takshi Auto Components Pvt. Ltd. Tata AutoComp Systems Ltd Technocrat Connectivity Systems Pvt. Ltd. Trans ACNR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. TUBE INVESTMENTS OF INDIA LTD Universal Precision Screws Uno Minda VAISH INDUSTRIES Valeo India Private Limited Varroc Vitesco Technologies ZF Wabco

Products Listing

Motors & Controllers

  • Rotor
  • Stator
  • Bearings & support Assembly
  • Bracket/end plates
  • Housing
  • Permanent Magnet
  • Copper Windings
  • PCBA
  • Housing - Plastic/ Composites
  • Software/ Network integration

Power Electronics

  • DC-DC Converter
  • On Board Charger
  • PDU

Thermal Management System

  • YoPipes, valves
  • Heat Exchangers

Wiring Harness, Connectors

  • LV Wires/ cables

Battery & BMS

  • Connectors & Wiring
  • Housing, Brackets and clamps
  • PCBA
  • Housing: Plastics/ composites
  • Software/ Network integration

Electronics Control Modules

  • PCBA
  • Housing: Plastics/ composites
  • Software/ Network integration
  • VO Connectors (HV/LV) CAN interface, wire harness
  • SHMI - Telematics
  • Communication interface RS 485/CAN/UART

Telematics Module

  • Communication interface RS 485/CAN/UART
  • Microphone
  • Auxilliary Battery
  • Integrated Wi-Fi & Bluetooth module

Application Software & Services

  • Software development
  • System integration & Engineering
  • Services (operation & maintenance, hosted services)
  • Connectivity Platform

Other Body Parts

  • Frame, Axle & Chasis
  • Body Parts
  • Suspension & Braking
  • Tyre Assembly & Rubber components
  • Interiors and HVAC
  • Electricals & Electronics

General Tech trends for EV Compatibility

  • Light Weighting (alternate materials - composites, high strength steel et. Replacing steel)
  • Skate Board (platform based development)
  • Re-designing suspension for change in weight distribution in EV
  • Designing braking sytem for Regenerative breaking
  • Low heat and low noice tyres
  • Wiring harness

4th Global Summit EVs-Transforming Mobility

India the Global Manufacturing Hub for EV & EV Components
26th February, 2024; Manekshaw Center, New Delhi

Tentative Program

10:00 AM - 10:50 AM
Inaugural Session
Welcome Address

Mr. Vivek Vikram Singh , Chairperson - Electric Mobility and Telematics, ACMA & Managing Director & Group CEO, Sona Comstar


Ms. Shradha Suri , President, ACMA and Chairperson & Managing Director, Subros Ltd.

Guest of Honour

Mr. Deepak Thukral, EO, Supply Chain, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Chief Guest

Dr. Hanif Qureshi , Additional Secretary, Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India

Vote of Thanks

Mr. Vinod Sharma , Co-Chairman, Electric Mobility & Telematics, ACMA & Managing Director, Deki Electronics.

10:50 AM - 11:05 AM
Tea / Coffee
11:05 AM - 12:00 PM
Session-I: Preparing to be a Global EV Manufacturing Hub – OEMs’ Perspective
Theme Presentation -:

Mr. Rahul Kapur , Partner, Grant Thornton

Speakers -:

Mr. Vikram Yadav , Chairperson, IPO Forum ACMA & Director IPO (2 Wheelers), BMW

Mr. Nishant Arya , Vice Chairman, JBM Group, and Chairman, Linde Wiemann GmbH

Mr. Rajesh Shaharkar , General Manager at SSU, E-powertrain
Sourcing, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

12:00 PM – 13:00 PM
Session-II: Preparing to be a Global EV Manufacturing Hub – Suppliers’ Perspective
Session Moderator -:

Mr. Rahul Kapur , Partner, Grant Thornton

Panelists -:

Mr. Vivek Jindal , Chairperson, ACMA (NR) and Director, Uno Minda Group.

Mr. Kabir Bhandar , Managing Director, Padmini VNA.

Mr. Anurag Garg , Managing Director & Country Head, Vitesco Technologies India.

Mr. Mahesh Godi , Founder & CEO, Godi India Ltd.

13:00 AM – 13:50 PM
Session-III: Global Perspectives –Products & Technology Dynamics
Session Moderator -:

Mr. Vivek Vikram Singh , Chairperson - Electric Mobility and Telematics, ACMA & Managing Director & Group CEO, Sona Comstar.

Panelists -:

Mr. Hrishikesh Kulkarni , Purchasing Director, Valeo India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Atul Arya , Director, Panasonic

Mr. Giuseppe Ancora , Head of Procurement- Asia, Draexlmaier Group, Germany.

Mr. Uttam Kim , Chief Managing Director, Samhyun, South Korea.

13:50 PM - 14:30 PM
Lunch Break